Monday, June 29, 2009

Diamond Head State Monument

On Monday in Hawaii we went to see Diamond Head State Monument. About 300,000 years ago a volcano erupted on the Island of Oahu and left a rock called tuff creating the crater. In 1908 the trail to Le'ahi was built as part of Oahu's coastal defense system. We took the trail which is a 0.8 mile hike ascending 560 feet from the crater floor to the summit above. You pass through a tunnel and at the top there is remains of a lighthouse used for navigation.
About 10 steps into the hike the kids needed a water break.
Reece did a great job but needed a lift every now and then. Good thing dad is so buff!
Mom helped out some too.

One of the tunnels you had to walk through.
There were several parts close to the top of the summit that had steep stairs you had to ascend. They were built for military use back in the early 1900's.
View from the top. Amazing.You could see all of Waikiki, you could see from the shoreline of Kokohead all the way to Wai'anae. It was stunning. I love the different colors of blue in the ocean. Truly a beautiful place. You could also see the entire crater but for some reason we didn't take and pictures of that! Oops.

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