Monday, June 22, 2009

Hanauma Bay

It's hard to see what we are looking at here but they are penguins. Our hotel had it's own little penguin pond and every morning at 8am guests were able to go pet the penguins and feed the turtles. The kids thought it was great.Here is a picture of all the little kids taking a turn petting the penguin.
After the morning penguin excursion we headed to Hanauma Bay. It is a Hawaii state park that is famous for snorkeling. It was actually more amazing than I thought it would be, you see TONS of fish and coral and all kinds of things. This was Travis's favorite thing we did while in Oahu, and he got the sunburn to prove it. Dayton also is a natural at snorkeling and loved looking at all the fish and he had a sharp eye for other creatures on the ocean floor as well. (some that made mom head for the beach quicker than I would like to admit.....I was sceeeered.)

Sadie Ann loved the sand, she just cruised around looking at stuff and playing, she was a natural beach baby.
This was the end of our day at Hanauma Bay. It's hard to tell in this picture but if you look closely you will see a sleeping Sadie Ann and a sleeping Reece, this was becoming a tradition.
We ended the day with dinner from Taco Bell, $2.50 for a bean burrito, I think this was our cheapest meal coming in around $25 for the family, apparently Honolulu is the second most expensive city in the states with Manhattan taking the first place.....still, I could live there, it was a great day. :)

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Melinda said...

Dude, you got to pet a penguin? I sm SO jealous! Penguins are cute.