Sunday, June 21, 2009

Running in Oahu

On a side note, the morning after we arrived in Oahu Travis and I went for a run. Travis ran about six miles which is pretty normal for him. He runs several times a week. I on the other hand haven't found my running groove for a while. I use to run a lot but I get bored and have been doing other workouts for quite a while. I might run a mile or two here or there but nothing too long. So after Travis got back from his run, I took to my run and was really enjoying myself. We stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village which is right on the beach so I started there and just ran along the beach crossing running by all the beachfront hotels and then I made my way over to beachwalk street which is downtown Waikiki, I felt pretty good so I kept going on and found the Aquarium and Honolulu Zoo, after I passed the zoo I noticed some other runners heading up a hill towards a neighborhood so I decided to follow them assuming they must know some cool running trail. I continued running up hill for about twenty minutes and found the most amazing look out. I don't remember the name of the lookout but it is on the way to the Diamond Head Crater. It was so surreal to be there early in the morning when most of the city is still sleeping and look out across the ocean and see the beaty of this Island. I decided it is more fun running when you don't have a purpose or a certain place you "have" to run to just to turn around and run back. I also decided it is a great idea when you are visiting a new city to take a run your first morning there and you will find all the places you want to visit and some you didn't even know you wanted to visit. Later on that evening I wanted to show Travis and the kids the lookout so we took a drive up the route I ran that morning and come to find out it was an eight mile run.....funny how when you aren't paying attention, things like getting in a good workout just happen all by themselves. (Coming from Denver--high elevation, to Oahu---sea level probably helped a bit too!)

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Melinda said...

On my to do list for Hawaii vacation: be lazy. Running? What the???