Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oahu Hawaii

Tuesday June 9th came too slow and June 17th came too fast but our Hawaii Family vacation was wonderful. Time away from phones, faxes, work, the gym, computers, and daily responsibilities is always welcome. In case you don't know what it's like taking a six and a half hour flight with 4 kids in a huge plane we posted a picture for you. Some of the highlights include Landon spilling his drink all over his shorts, Dayton in turn spilling his drink all over his shorts, many (too many) hours of DS (video game) playing by Landon and Dayton, one Nemo movie on dad's laptop for Reece, one airline provided movie of "He is just not that into You" followed by Landon asking some questions and dad giving Landon the "Birds and the Bees" talk when we arrived home. (By the way, we didn't want Landon to watch the movie but when it is right in front of your face it's hard not to look), some short naps for Sadie Ann and and even shorter nap for Reece......but we made it. This was the Jensen row in the middle of the plane, 5 seats across, you can see a bit of Reece's head and mom took the honor of taking the picture. (By the way, going through airport security is a whole other blog, suffice to say we were the spectacle of the afternoon and mom almost had to strip down to her scivies to avoid the beeping, Travis who is a pro at airport security was a bit stunned at how ridiculous it was with the whole crew of kids, 7 carry on's, two carseat, and double seated stroller, and I packed light)After arriving in Honolulu, securing our rental mini-van, checking into our hotel, we took a walk on the beach and it was beautiful. Mom was still a bit high strung and kept telling the kids to just get their feet wet but once Dayton "slipped" and was soaked it was all over and the kids were loving the waves.

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