Sunday, June 21, 2009

Waikiki Beach and Pool Day

After a long travel day we spent our first full day in the water. We are lucky that our hotel is right on the beach so we started there. I wasn't sure if Sadie would like the sand or not but SHE LOVED IT! Dayton was born to be in the water, he never hesitated about diving right in and we kept having to usher him back towards the shore. Landon loved the water too but got into it more when there was a competition of finding stuff on the ocean floor. Mom even ventured out and played with the kids in the salty water and floating with Landon.

After being at the beach for a while we did what every good hotel guest does, we headed to the pool to semi-clean off the sand. Of course we showered down first but I think we all know there is sand EVERYWHERE after going to the beach. Dad and the boys sportin their muscles.

Sadie had enough of the beach and conked out on the way to the pool, mom graciously offered to sun bathe....I mean, take care of Sadie while the boys and dad took to the pool and slides.

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